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About Us

Moonlight Bay Brewing was dreamt up after a visit to a nearby brewery. We figured why not start getting beer contract brewed for us? How hard can it be? We teamed up with Blindman Brewing and our first beer was put into production, the Pale Ale. It wasn't Cayla's first choice as she preferred the brown, but Brendon went above the bosses head on the first big decision the team had to make. Shortly thereafter, we approached Derek to come on and sell our beer in his off time. He countered with an offer to buy into the brewery, how could we resist, he's a hell of a salesman. Shortly after Derek and Rochelle joined the crew, the decision to make the Brown Ale was made. It hit shelves and became a favourite almost immediately. We got really excited, and decided we wanted to open a tap room right away, we got told by AGLC, NO! We needed to be a production brewery in order to have a taproom. So we sat down with a couple Pale Ales, and thought ok, this is it, are we diving in? Up to this point we were really only dipping our toes in the water. We decided to look for properties around Wainwright, and we found a great spot right along the highway, we can look at boats while we work our butts off dreaming of being at Moonlight Bay. Wainwright has welcomed us with open arms, and we can't tell who's more excited, the town or us to get opened up to the public.

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