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The Goose, Affectionately known as Phil

From Mom:

Spring 2016. I was working for the Town of Provost when reports of a tiny "duck" being found in the local swimming pool started coming in. By the end of the day, said baby duck was still in the cardboard box, so I decided to bring him/her out to Moonlight Bay and maybe sneak him/her into one of the already established duck nests, and all would be right with the world. My dad looked at me, he looked at the "duck", and then back at me. "Shauna" he says "that's a goose!". "Huh" I say while this goose has been looking at me intently since I took it out of the box. In fact, it hasn't taken its eyes off me. Come to find out this is called imprinting, and in the span of about an hour, I've went from wildlife rescuer extraordinaire, to Mother Goose. Literally. It was a summer the family and friends wouldn't forget.

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